Luís Matos

  • Luís Matos is the expression of a generation of Fado, with roots in the old fado school!

    Born in Lisbon, in S. Sebastião da Pedreira, he began singing at just 12 years old, as a joke, and soon began attending several Fado houses in Lisbon where he had the opportunity to meet his great reference, the King of Fado, the late Fernando Maurício.

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    In 1989, just over a year after his first steps as a fado singer, he competed and won the Grande Noite de Fado in the youth category at the Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon. This award, the most important that a young fado singer can receive, is normally the start of a career in Fado, but in 1990 he completely moved away from the artistic world, dedicating himself only to studies and his training.

    In 2004, almost 14 years later, Fado once again crossed his path.
    A game between friends, in a Culture and Recreation Collective, exactly the same one where he started singing, made him return to Fado, as if returning to the path that destiny had marked out for him. Always destiny, Fado, as an implacable force beyond human will.

    In 2005, he competed again for the Grande Noite de Fado at Teatro São Luís, organized by Casa da Imprensa and won again, this time in the senior category.

    Owner of a clean voice and a very unique style, he has performed on large stages from the north to the south of the country as well as in several countries; Spain, France, Italy, England, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, among others.

    He was part of the cast in the musical “Fado - História de um Povo”, by the great Filipe Lá Féria, on stage at the Salão Preto e Prata at Casino Estoril, for around 1 year.

    His journey took place in the city's major Fado schools, the Casas de Fado.
    On your way there are “Os Ferreiras”, “Adega Machado”, “Solar do Tomás”, “Marquês da Sé”, “Café Luso”, “Adega Mesquita”, “A Tipóia”, “Casa de Linhares”, “Clube de Fado", "Sr. Vinho" and "Parreirinha de Alfama".

    Luís Matos is today one of the resident Fado singers at O Faia, in Bairro Alto.
    Due to talent, passion and dedication, it is a certainty in the reference voices in Fado.